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  • Christmas Cocktails

    Top Ten Christmas Cocktails

    Christmas cocktails, the gift that keeps on giving jolly cheer. Let us know which of these 10 cocktails old St. Nick would stop to drink by the fireplace. More

  • Blood and Sand Cocktail

    Blood and Sand Cocktail

    The Blood and Sand Cocktail is one of the easiest and tastiest cocktails on the menu. Click here to find out what gave this cocktail its strange name. More

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  • Ceaser Cocktail



    The Caesar Cocktail

    Canadian Certified

    Lighter than the Bloody Mary but just as boozy, I had the very fortunate chance to try out one of Canada’s hidden gems. I’m of course talking about… More

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  • Royal Hawaiian

    Trending Hot


    Royal Hawaiian

    We can offer you a free vacation to Hawaii, but instead, we’ll just give you this Royal Hawaiian cocktail. I would say that’s fair, wouldn’t you? More

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  • absolutely bananas

    Absolutely Bananas

    A chimp walks into a bar. I bought him a bottle of vodka. We finished the bottle together. The rest of the night was Absolutely bananas. More

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  • Chocolate Punch

    Chocolate Punch

    Here’s a love letter to the chocolate punch. “My dearest chocolate, you are the sweetest thing in my life, but why must you hurt me so” More

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