Barsol Pisco

The ideal gift! Buy the best pisco online. Price and reviews available for Barsol BARSOL PRIMERO QUEBRANTA PISCO Brandy – 750ml Bottle. Pisco BARSOL Primero Quebranta is an extraordinary artisanal premium Pisco, distilled from the best selection of 100% single varietal Quebranta grapes. BARSOL Primero Quebranta boasts subtle aromas of pear and ripe fruit, balanced with delicate citrus notes that evolve into a seductively long and elegant finish. This Peruvian Pisco was highly awarded for its outstanding taste and has received highest international distinctions, like double gold medals. Bottled at barrel proof, Pisco BARSOL presents itself with 40,5% vol. BARSOL Quebranta is especially suitable for the classic Peruvian cocktail Pisco Sour. The recipe is published among several other delicious cocktail recipes with BARSOL Quebranta under Pisco Cocktails. TASTING NOTES: BarSol Primero boasts subtle aromas and flavors of hay, banana, bakers pastry and ripe dark berry fruit balanced with delicate citrus notes, apricot blossom with pecan and dark chocolate notes, that evolve into a seductively long and elegant finish. DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL | San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017 SILVER MEDAL, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED | International Review of Spirits 2012 DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL, TOP PISCO | San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2007


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Barsol Pisco
Barsol Pisco


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