Tempus Fugit Crème de Cacao

The ideal gift! Buy the best liqueur online. Price and reviews available for Tempus Fugit Creme De Cacao – Liqueur – 750ml Bottle. Tempus Fugit Spirits Crme de Cacao is based on a 19th-century recipe, cross-referenced in English and French. Terroir is important for ingredients, and the original source of cacao for the best Crme de Cacao was cacao from Venezuela while the best source of vanilla was from Mexico, so it was important that these two ingredients be specifically sourced to reproduce the best quality of Crme de Cacao. The raw cacao is distilled and the distillate is then macerated with additional cacao and crushed whole vanilla bean. The process not only gives a depth of character, but also naturally colors the Crme de Cacao a medium brown.


Product Description

Tempus Fugit Creme De Cacao
Tempus Fugit Creme De Cacao


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